Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dance Outfit

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American Eagle Outfitters hoody

Nike Swim Essential Reversible Mesh Short at

MIU MIU Tops - Item 37223912

Solid BRIGHT NEON Orange Wicking - Bondi Band

Monday, January 2, 2012

OOTD! (running around, do earns)

SINFUL COLORS PROFESSIONALS! (drugstore nail polish)

Hey girls!
        I have this nail polish which i believe is called....
"Rise and Shine" which is a turquoise/ teal/ green color. The color reminds me of the dentists you know, that mint green/ teal color. But this brand of nail polish is cheap in price..... and quality. It drys really mat with no shine u have to put a clear top coat to make this look good. So that's the only thing that I strongly dislike about this product but they also have an odd color selection. if you want to see for your self hes there website, Sinful Colors: Closed for Maintenance. But what I notice if I put to much clear coat on it was taking away the color so i dont know if it the nail polish or my top coat, but its that thing that people say that if u need to remove or take away something put more of it on.

Infiniti By Conair You Ultra Wave

Yesterday i went to WALMART and got this waver! it was 40 bucks which is a little pricey but what do u think leave in a comment if u have it, if its any good, so far its ok, and for 40 bucks ok not going to cut it so ya help me out guys!

*NATM* (Nails at the Moment)~ Glitter Gold & Black Zebra Nails

Glitter Gold & Black Zebra Nails!I used...

~NYC in "Blackula"
~Milani Nail Art in "Art of Gold"